As Young Republicans, last year’s election cycle was one of the most interesting and exciting times in recent memory. Whether or not Donald Trump was your favorite candidate during the primary, the fact remains OKYR saw an uptick in attention to the election and benefited from the increased attention to the election immensely.

As of this last week, the country has gone one month with President Donald Trump in office. Despite what the media has portrayed, the Capitol is not burning down, Democracy isn’t destroyed, and the President has delivered on some of his campaign promises already. Granted, President Trump hasn’t delivered his plans with oratory akin to his predecessors and has sparred with the media constantly, but let’s not get distracted by press conferences and Saturday Night Live skits.

Since the beginning of the Donald Trump Presidency, OKYR members have seen a rock star EPA administrator chosen in Administrator Scott Pruitt who is and was a champion of our organization during his time as Attorney General. OKYR members have also seen an incredible and well credentialed Supreme Court nominee in Neil Gorsuch. As Congressman Tom Cole (R-OK) pointed out in his comments to the Cleveland County GOP Convention on February 25th, 2017, President Trump has also put together a very impressive National Security Team.

Additionally, the repeal and replacement of the Affordable Care Act is beginning to take shape. With a great pick in Congressman Tom Price to lead the efforts from the President’s Cabinet and  a very capable leadership team on both the House and Senate side, members of the Oklahoma Young Republicans will finally start to see the move towards a system which realistically deals with health care costs, allows them to pick plans with options to fit their individual needs, and doesn’t fine them for not being able to afford the few plans with bad options currently out there in the ACA exchanges.

Furthermore, President Trump has opened up the way for increased energy independence with the approval of the Keystone pipeline and the prospect of ushering in a new world for Oil & Gas companies as Congress struck the ban on exports within the last couple years after decades of waiting. This will mightily increase the amount of potential good paying jobs for Young Republicans and impacts not only our state economy, but battles national security concerns across the globe.

These successes aren’t to say the President hasn’t had a few bad weeks. This President has encountered more resistance coming into office than any other President since Lincoln. Some nominations and executive orders have been bungled, unfortunate comments have been made, but it’s exceptionally clear parts of the media have become an adversarial team against the President rather than an independent 4th Estate willing to become adversarial when it comes to accuracy, integrity, and truth.

In summary, Young Republicans in Oklahoma should be pleased with what has actually happened in President Trump’s first month and should make sure to engage with their communities and local YR clubs, because the work to make our family, communities, state, and nation never stops. The OKYR encourages everyone to download our smartphone app and join our texting platform by texting “okyr2016” to 95577. The Oklahoma Young Republicans are open to all registered Republicans in Oklahoma between the ages of 18-40. You can find out more information at or visit Oklahoma Young Republicans on Facebook or @officialokyr on Twitter.